• Question: I'm going to assume that your issue with Plebcomics' stuff comes more from the execution than the message, since as far as her general sociopolitical worldviews go, I don't really see much that you'd disagree with. In that case, (and this is not a rhetorical questionor epik ownage attempt), doesn't basically all satirical exaggeration count as 'strawmanning'? the 'enemy' views are definitely exaggerated, but for most of her comics, I've seen those exact views espoused unironically at least once. - Anonymous
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    I’d say execution and unintentional message.

    Your final “At least once” is the key point I want to address. They choose one example, construct a similar one to it and JAZZ IT UP iwth some caricature who is all smug and assholelike and then totally HYSTERICAL when proven wrong by token other minority characters who are constructed to side with pleb’s opinion. plebcomics’s routine, while funny at first, has been repeated ad nauseam and quickly been adopted by the piss poor community here at large. With copycat comics with vague exaggerated depictions of the opposition in place of an actual opponent, it’s reinforcing a war of attrition rather than an exchange of ideas. It sets an example for others to see and assume ALL SJ rants are wild and without merit even though some of the wackier opinions come with at least SOME context to it. Tumblr is a home for 14 year olds who love following fads and performing surface reading of things. The tumblr community is haphazardly impressionable and quick to jump on “fuck those other guys” trains. Much like how extreme SJW themes became popular and followed unquestionably, so too will happen with themes that undermine positive merits of social justice activism.

    But yeah, alot of piss poor satire in political comics function as a wacky strawman. I follow this political comics tumblr that frequently posts stupid partisan democrat cartoons of [fat white guy with confederate trucker hat with an NRA jacket with a crazy eyes and make believe scary rifle in hands] ramble about how their right to kill everyone shoudnt be infringed or how they unapologetically just shot a little black boy with skittles or whatever. This pidgeonholing of gun owners into something ridiculous is so far separate from reality. And this sort of repeated stereotyping has created for most democrats an image that all gun owners are crazy, christian, racist rednecks. Yet, I am good friends with gay men who conceal carry guns for hobby but also others for defense in case that they encounter someone who wants to assault them for their sexual preference, which is a real risk for them. On the otherhand, supporting a womans right to choice with regards to abortion, you are no better than a baby killer, a murderer or whatever. If you are american and question tenets of the democrat platform, you lose all your democrat friends because you are seen as a racist republican. If you question a republican tenet, you lose your republican friends because you are regarded as democrat. This retarded stereotyping has created this awful 50-50 2 party oligarchy in the USA that takes turns fucking everyone raw because everyone is seen as the extreme.

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Soundcheck at Red Rocks. #NIN2014
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Don’t watch this if you’re soaked in gasoline because it will warm your heart and you will burn to death and die.



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I ADMIT IT.  I almost cried. 



We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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Don’t Cry For Me, Arthropoda: Studies Find Signs of Emotion in Spiders

Individual spiders have character and personality, according to a paper published by theProceedings of the Royal Society B. The paper, titled Individual personalities shape task differentiation in a social spider, gives details of a study into role allocation in spider societies.

It was previously assumed that individuals in social spider communities contributed homogenously, with all tasks, such as prey capture and colony defence, being performed equally by members.

The study focused on Stegodyphus sarasinorum, a permanently social spider occurring in India and some surrounding countries. Led by Lena Grinsted of Aarhus University in Denmark, over 600 spiders were marked and observed, with tests singling out boldness and aggression. Variances in response showed that individuals were suited to particular roles. 

Individuals in the test group were highly related and of approximately the same age: the only variable was apparently their personality. The study suggests that task allocation is the result of character traits in individual spiders; personality does not appear to be shaped by random selection of task perfomance, therefore.

Character and personality are often attributed only to humans, higher order mammals, and birds. Now it appears that arthropods also have responses that could be considered emotional.


Photo: Stegodyphus sarasinorum spiders, marked for identification